Invisible illness and disability: what other people should know – Age UK

Illness and disability affect many people’s lives. For some, their conditions are apparent, but for others, their conditions aren’t visually obvious. Although someone may look fit and healthy, they may have a debilitating condition that means they suffer from low mobility, chronic pain and have difficulty going about everyday tasks such as bathing and getting dressed, often having to rely on walk in shower units and other mobility aids.

Examples of invisible illnesses and disabilities include chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia; and mental illness, such as depression; but they can also include conditions and diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, IBS, heart conditions, celiac disease and many, many more.

Age UK spoke to three bloggers living with a hidden disability who are passionate about educating others and breaking the stigmas surrounding their conditions, asking them how they feel others could be more understanding and supportive.

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