Dear Kimhekim: We are not seeking attention, we are bringing awareness.

Fashion designer Maison Kimhekim from South Korea thought it was appropriate at Paris Fashion week to have a collection titled “Attention Seeker” with models and IVs and the word Sick across a bland white tshirt. Now I don’t give a rats ass about high fashion, honestly I don’t understand it but to each their own. However this is tasteless, appalling and incredibly offensive. So has their behavior since they’ve been receiving a massive backlash from the disabled community, no apology or no response other than little black hearts. Ableism, the ism we don’t hear enough about.

According to WWD KimheKim says “These days we all want attention and positive reactions from people, especially on social media,” Kiminte said. “But instead of hiding it, let’s just be honest and admit that we want it, but do it with elegance.” He called his collection to celebrate attention seekers.

Well Dear Kimhekim

Living with chronicillness has landed me on disability. There is no way I could ever afford your garbage high fashion now which you mock people like me. Not to mention how uncomfortable high fashion looks, but you wouldn’t know unless living with shitty symptoms that make fabric hurt on your skin. One of his stupid jackets comes to $1618.44 CAD, that’s almost as much as I get for two disability payments! Or a dose of life saving medication for which he mocks.

I see high fashion as a waste of money and energy when the world has far bigger issues than what expensive label some people feel compelled to wear. Here’s an example on a good way to use money: Medical research! Or clothing for people living with all sorts of disabilities. We are more common than you think and we don’t wear that IV as a fashion accessory.

Would you think this would be chic if you were diagnosed with any of the hundreds of illnesses that require consistent IVs? Would you think our medicine is only for seeking attention and the side effects that come from those IVs? Would you think it’s artistic if you had family and friends look the other way when your illness is invisible and you’ve been labeled an attention seeker? Would you be seeking attention if you felt the loneliness that comes with chronic illness? It wouldn’t be like this. Would it be attention seeking or high fashion when your disease makes you struggle to put on basic clothing? Would you think it is attention seeking to feel the guilt of having to continuously ask for help? Would you want your bringing awareness to illness be thought of as seeking attention?

These poor models starving themselves for attention on the run way and you promote it with your garbage fashion. You think illness is a fashion statement. Shame on you. You wouldn’t find any of this fashion if you were hit with the severity of illness.

If this was a publicity stunt for attention then the chronic illness community and those who need life saving medication need to fight back with awareness about what we go through, what those medications really do, it can be our publicity stunt too. We fight back with awareness.


A girl with rheumatoid arthritis