‘If I Can Get COVID-19 and Survive, You Can Too’: A Health Care Worker with RheumatoidArthritis Speaks Out – Creaky Joints

Hope… Hope is something a lot of us need right now. Hope that this will all pass over soon, hope that the amount of lives being lost due to covid-19 stops. Hope that we are not going to lose loved ones, our jobs, our home, our treatments. The future is uncertain for many and living with a chronic illness that makes you immunosuppressed during this pandemic is terrifying. That is why I wanted to share this story of survival and hope from one of my readers. She has chosen to leave her name out as she works in healthcare and doesn’t want the media attention, however she knows that her story will help others. Not everyone is comfortable with sharing their health journey so openly, that is fine. Lately I’ve been saying that advocacy has never been more important, sharing her story is part of that for me.

I hope that this gives you some hope in your life today.

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