I am excited to announce over the next month, I have partnered with RA Healthline to talk about all things Rheumatoid Arthritis related while introducing you to their new APP for those living with RA.

Make sure to download the Healthline RA App today and come chat with me! Let me explain more.

One of my main reasons for liking Healthline is because they’ve been a reliable resource since the beginning of my diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis. I didn’t really know where to go on the internet to find medically accurate information that I could trust at first but when I started to educate myself on my disease I read a lot of Healthline articles which I could fact check with various reliable arthritis organization and my rheumatologist – it’s important to fact check and read multiple sources of information. They quickly became a trusted source of information for me. 

When you google “arthritis treatments” you can go down a rabbit hole of bogus advice from people who claim to have a cure that the doctors don’t have, herb xyz will stop inflammation if used with these rare supplements but no research backs them up.

You won’t find this on Healthline. They have been a trusted source of information to me throughout my journey with rheumatoid arthritis and now I am excited to help guide you as they launch their new RA specific app.


Healthline and I do have a bit of history. They were the first big health website to recruit me for a campaign only a month or so after I launched my blog and dived into the patient advocacy world. In the #MakeItVisible campaign I and several others living with invisible illnesses took to the internet to make those invisible illnesses visible and we raised money for the US Pain Foundation. Full disclosure, I have a love for Healthline for what they did for me to become the advocate I am today.

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But now let’s focus on what they can offer you.

So what can you find in this app? Let me show you

Build a Community, Get Support

I felt so alone when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis but I am so glad that now there is a strong community so others don’t experience as much loneliness! It’s so important to reach out to others dealing with the same thing you do or listen to their stories. I would not be where I am today without my arthritis community.

The Healthline Rheumatoid Arthritis app is a great opportunity to build community and find support from people who get it and it’s completely private.

Thrive through knowledge and empowerment

Educating myself about how to combat rheumatoid arthritis has helped me tremendously through my journey. As I said earlier, Healthline has been a major part of my disease education journey because of their medically accurate content that’s easy to read and often relatable because of their use of patient perspectives.

In the Healthline Rheumatoid Arthritis app you can find their rheumatoid arthritis related content in just a few easy taps on your cellphone. Great for when you’re waiting during appointments because of how mobile friendly it is. Plus you can be social on it!


You can also find in this app you can find live chats hosted by experts (yours truly is hosting two)

Join me on Sunday June 14th at 5pm PT/8pm EST to discuss Emotional wellness and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

On Tuesday June 30th at 5pm PT/8pm EST join me to discuss Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Download the Healthline RA App here. I hope to see you on there soon!