When Healthline approached me to help them launch an app for the Rheumatoid Arthritis community I instantly jumped in!

Healthline has been a trusted source of information for me to rely on with my health and my son’s health. I can always rely on them to find accurate information and sometimes hard to find information.

It’s been an honor to help them grow a reliable, supportive and compassionate community in their new Rheumatoid Arthritis app. When I was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I really struggled with feeling alone and lost.

I am glad to say you won’t with what this app has to offer!

What other online social/support communities/resources for RA have you used? How is RA Healthline different than them?

Since starting out my rheumatoid arthritis journey my go-to community for arthritis has been the Creaky Joints community, however, they don’t have an APP I can use in Canada and chat with other patients about all things RA related. Their Arthritis Power app is another popular app in the arthritis community, however like I said, I can’t use it because I am Canadian.

I find it important to have a few communities and resources you look to for support and advice because I learn more by doing my own research however they need to be medically accurate. Healthline has always been a website I can turn to for trustful information with many different parts of my health unrelated to RA and my son’s health.

I am excited they have an app for specifically rheumatoid arthritis now! 

What does the RA Healthline app provide/add to the RA community?

Community, actionable tips, coping strategies privacy, information, support all in one well-organized app that is a safe environment for people with chronic conditions to have open discussions! The app is amazingly mobile-friendly which is great for when you are waiting between doctor appointments and need some advice from others or their medically accurate reviewed articles to that are easy to understand.

Healthline’s Rheumatoid Arthritis app offers a mobile community that connects like-minded people who have the same chronic condition in a trustworthy, safe environment. You are not alone with Healthline’s new RA app!

Inside the app you’ll find members share experiences with people who truly understand what you are going through. These topics range fom sleep issues with RA to CBD use to mental health and pain struggles. Talk to those who get it because they live with it too.

What are some of my favorite features of RA Healthline and Why?

Other than being able to get quality information I need. I’d say definitely the social connection and how neatly organized each category is, perfect for those brain foggy days.

Come say hi to me on the app today and start building your RA tribe today!

To download the app click here

Join me on Tuesday June 30th 5pm PST/8pm EST for a chat on managing fatigue with rheumatoid arthritis!