‘After My Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis, I Got Into The Best Shape Of My Life’ – Women’s Health


I took control of my health and lost 60 pounds thanks to the 80/20 rule and low impact exercise.

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  1. I have the same as you séropositive. Diagnosed in Jan 2015 .live in Ontario do not qualify for a biologic ,only have 1awollen joint. Very unfair. I applaud your journey to change your life. Good advice

    1. I have similar story . I have 5 auto diseases the worse being rheumatoid . I was taking methotrexate but it made me sicker . Felt like I had flu and when I didn’t take it, was in pain . Few years ago I stopped taking all meds for auto immune diseases and put my diseases on remission by seeing functional medicine. Diet number one went mostly plant base / Mediterranean , no dairy, gluten , processed foods , meat or fast food / high acidic foods . And have no pain / few flares. Check out my story http://www.foodgoddess50.com great job on weight loss ! You look great !

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