Arthritis Won’t Stop Me: I Am Moving My Way Towards A Better Future – And You Can Too!

Today, I’m proudly declaring that “Arthritis Won’t Stop Me” by starting my own virtual fundraiser because September is Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada. And you can help fund life-saving research, education and advocacy too! Will you help me reach my goal? 

Six million Canadians – one of every five – live with arthritis. It’s Canada’s most chronic health condition. Without a greater spotlight on this growing issue, the number will rise to nine million by 2040. The challenge is real, and the time to act is now.

Join the movement to raise $1 million and 1 million voices for the 6 million with arthritis during September, Arthritis Awareness Month. Empower people to say, “Arthritis won’t stop me.

Five years ago when I participated in my first Walk For Arthritis in support of The Arthritis Society I never imagined how important the work I was raising funds for would be in just 5 years’ time. The main charity events for pretty much all health charities have been canceled this year which to me was an event that really meant a lot to me to participate in each year. People and charities have to adapt though to move forward in our new normal. We are in this together.

Some of my fondest memories and best relationships were built by connecting with my arthritis community. I still hold it dear to my heart to have been The Walk For Arthritis ambassador for 2017 and 2019 in addition to be awarded a Mary Pack Volunteer Award in 2020. Arthritis hasn’t stopped me from making a difference yet.

Covid-19 has taken so much from all of us this year so I know to fund raise and creating crucial awareness will not only be great for my arthritis community but also my own physical and mental health. I know I need to move forward and adapt. That is why I am moving my own arthritic way. I hope you move with me.

I pledge to raise awareness and critical funds for arthritis awareness month

I will exercise 5 days a week (strength training and cardio), complete 10,000 or more steps a day, and stretch twice daily for the entire month of September – Arthritis Awareness Month.

My goal is to complete

  • 300,000 steps in the month which breaks down to 75,000 weekly and 10,000 daily. Studies show the average Canadian without arthritis takes 4,819 steps a day.  
  • Raise $600 for the 6 million with arthritis in Canada – click here to help me achieve my goal.

Why I am doing this

For myself, consistency and motivation can be my biggest challenge when it comes to my regular exercise routine for the best results. That’s why this challenge motivates me, I have a great purpose and something to look forward to after the pandemic took so much from us all.

Physical activity is critical for not only my arthritis but my overall health. Engaging in physical activity I enjoy promotes a healthier me. Exercise also helps reduce pain, inflammation, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and depression, some of the hardest parts of living with this chronic illness.

For my community – the 6 million Canadians suffering from this painful and devastating disease that has no cure. That is why I have registered for Move Your Way in support of raising funds for The Arthritis Society. 

How I will do this

I will make weekly updates on my progress and show that progress from my Fitbit physical activity tracker (which I got from participating in research The Arthritis Society supports). My progress will be showcased on my blog and social media channels, will you join me to help transform the lives of those living with arthritis?

If you would like to contribute to The Arthritis Society during Arthritis Awareness Month in my honor please do so here.

What is Move Your Way?

Move Your Way is an exciting way to organize an activity that you enjoy and virtually connect with family and friends to raise critical funds for arthritis. The options are endless—walk, bake, run, bike, craft, create, and more. Funds and awareness raised to support The Arthritis Society which further advances research that seeks to understand the causes of arthritis, realize innovations that improve quality of life and discover a cure.

Why Your Support Matters

The Arthritis Society is dedicated to creating a world where people are free from the devastating effects of arthritis. They represent the 6 million Canadians living with arthritis today, and the millions more who are impacted or at risk.

Registering and fundraising with a Move Your Way event is a great way to build awareness, raise funds, and transform the lives of Canadians with arthritis. This is a fun and engaging way to help fund cutting-edge arthritis research and innovative solutions for people affected by arthritis and is an opportunity to introduce your friends, family, and network to a cause that is important to you.

To join or find out more information about The Arthritis Society’s Move My Way event please visit their website and get moving today!



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