Are you looking to:

  • Learn more about patient engagement in health research?
  • Network, share resources and discuss challenges?
  • Boost your knowledge and skills?

The PxP initiative is a hub for patient engagement in health research brought to you For Patients, By Patients. PxP is designed for patient partners and other individuals with lived experience.


What is patient engagement?

Individuals with lived experience bring hugely valuable perspectives to health research scientists. Patients, relatives, caregivers, and the general public have unique expertise which complements the scientific and medical background of the researchers. This makes health research stronger at every step in the process. ‘Patient engagement’ is one term which is often used to describe this broader involvement in health research projects. ‘Patient and public involvement’ is another phrase that is commonly used. Often, the individual with lived experience will be called a ‘patient partner’.

Patient partners may be asked to provide input in many different ways to a research project or initiative. This could include giving thoughts on the initial concept, methods, results, and more, including how to get the research findings to the people who need it. Research teams may involve patient partners in all kinds of health research projects, from basic science (looking at very specific mechanisms in the human body) to clinical studies (such as investigating new treatments).



The very first PxP (For Patients, By Patients) conference will be September 12-14 (for those in Europe, Africa or North and South America), or 13-15 (Asia and Oceania). This free, virtual event aims to bring you a wealth of knowledge, skills and resources on Patient Engagement in health research.News of PxP is already spreading quickly! It has become a must-attend event for these two reasons:

  1. PxP is specifically For Patients. While there has been excellent progress in the available patient engagement resources, many of these are designed for researchers. Although we welcome health researchers to join us at the event in September, our key priority will be patient partners and other individuals with lived experience.
  2. We are led entirely By Patients. Every topic and speaker on the PxP conference program has been chosen by our experienced international committee of patient partners.

Take a sneak peak at the program outline here.

Day 1: Boost your skills: the what, why and how of patient engagement in health research.

Day 2: Trailblaze new approaches: advancing health research innovation with patient partners or as a patient partner.

Day 3: Strengthen patient partnerships: raising the benchmarks for best practice.

Visit the PXP website to learn more – 

You must register for each day! To register for the days you prefer or all three follow these links

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: