Product Reviews

As someone who understands the challenges and pain that arthritis sufferers face, I strive to provide insightful and informative reviews that can help others in making informed decisions about the products they choose.



I write product reviews for arthritis by thoroughly researching and testing various products specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. I focus on evaluating the effectiveness, ease of use, durability, and overall value for money of each product. My goal is to provide unbiased and informative reviews that can help individuals with arthritis make informed decisions about which products will best suit their needs and improve their quality of life.

Want to send me a product to give an honest review of?

I will not review supplements unless they are a pharmaceutical grade brand. This means no apple cider vinegar gummies or inflammation relief supplement type products. Sorry! I only take vitamins and supplements recommended by my healthcare professionals.

I am looking for products that make life with arthritis easier, provide pain relief, comfort or support. Examples: topical pain relievers, clothing, ergonomic devices, exercise equipment, etc…

Below is my media kit and why you may want to consider working with me. 

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  • I have over 100 published articles and essays online, mainly with Creaky Joints and Healthline.

What I will do with your product:

  • I will try your product out for 30 days where I will honestly answer the questions listed above in my product review template. 
  • I will create a blog post, facebook post, instagram post and twitter post about the product after 30 days of trying it out.- This might be a video or a static image post depending on the product. My skills do lean more towards static image posts.
  • If I like your product and want to endorse it, we can discuss an affiliation program! I will not endorse anything I do not believe in.

Please email me about your product at

Include what it is, campaign outline, requests and your pay offer for the above product review outline. All businesses are different, so I do not have a set rate but will accept or deny an offer based on fairness.