The Arthritis Social Hour

Arthritis is isolating.

It doesn’t have to be though.

The Arthritis Social Hour is designed by someone living with arthritis for those living with arthritis in the Metro Vancouver area to connect with others in a fun and engaging environment.

Those who attend the Arthritis Social Hour are to be empowered and leave with more resilience in their self-management and understanding to fight the fire of arthritis. 

The program is designed to help arthritis patients become more active, understand their arthritis better, connect with others living with arthritis, and reduce some of the isolation the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us.

A presentation or panel discussion will be included in each event, which will be followed by a discussion for all guests to participate in, which will be interactive, experience-based, and will reflect that session’s theme. There will also be time for free socializing among guests to get to know others. 

The target audience of the Arthritis Social Hour events are for anyone who lives with arthritis in the Metro Vancouver area in the age range of 25-55, an age range without any support groups or events focused around. Each social hour will be designed for topics which are popular and important among those aged 25-55 living with arthritis. 

Each event will be two hours’ in length.

November – COVID-19 Chat – A discussion for those living with arthritis to express their concerns, experiences and thoughts about the pandemic in a safe and non-judgemental environment with others who understand.  

Register for the November Arthritis Social Hour here 

Registration and more information coming soon on future Arthritis Social Hours

Topics of social hours 

Yoga for arthritis – With the guidance of a certified yoga instructor, guests will learn about the benefits of yoga for arthritis, and will have an opportunity to practice yoga in a relaxing environment.

Two strength training and physical activity classes – Dr. Jasmin Ma has done research with the RA community on how people living with RA can effectively perform strength training.

Dr. Linda Li will speak on the importance of physical activity, daily steps and monitoring our symptoms along with a patient partner in her research, Eileen Davidson. Dr. Linda Li’s symptom monitoring program OPERAS recently won an Ideator Award from The Arthritis Society. 

Parenting with arthritis – Panel of two parents living with arthritis, and Dr.Catherine Backman, Occupational Therapist, who has performed research around parenting with arthritis to join the chat. Child care will be provided for those who need it.

Art Night  – Occupational therapist Catherine Backman will join us to talk about how art therapy helps depression and chronic pain, while guests have an opportunity to create their own works of art with watercolors. 

Advocacy Class with Spencer Van Vloten from BC Disability, and Eileen Davidson, followed by games. Games will be created to teach others about arthritis and advocacy and also test their knowledge of arthritis. 

Urban Poles Nordic walking pole class and outdoor walk in Stanley Park. 

Covid-19 Precautions Will Be In Mind

During the event, masks must be worn at all times unless social distancing while eating. Events are limited to 15-20 individuals to keep it safe. COVID-19 Protection bundles will be given to each guest including KN95 mask, small hand sanitizer bottle and sanitizing wipes. Temperature and a COVID-19 checklist will be performed before each person enters the room. Hepa filters will be placed in the room to provide the best air quality possibl