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My story…

For a number of years I experienced unexplained or misdiagnosed chronic pain in multiple areas of my body while complaining of constant infections, fatigue and emotional disturbances. At first I was told it was probably carpal tunnel because of my physical career as an esthetician, I needed to exercise, could be hormones, if I rest or wear a wrist brace it will get better.

But it never did get better, in fact I only got worse with more intense symptoms. Given my family history with arthritis I decided to ask my family doctor to investigate my chronic pain and other bizarre symptoms further. I requested a rheumatoid arthritis blood test.

I was told I was probably too young for arthritis by my family physician. I did not have enough visible swelling. 


It was only a few weeks later, April 8th 2015 I met my Rheumatologist, a stranger that bared the difficult task of informing me of my life altering diagnosis of incurable and debilitating autoimmune disease seropositive Rheumatoid Arthritis. The same week of my diagnosis my aunt passed away, before I could ask her what I was in for. I was terrified, lost and alone. I saw what this disease did to her. What was it going to do to me now? I wasn’t even 30 yet.

I created this blog and became a patient advocate to educate others about arthritis while making sense of my own journey with chronic illness.

My passions now lie in raising awareness for arthritis, whether it be through fundraising, awareness campaigns, writing, public speaking, participating in patient centered research or volunteer committee work.

 I proudly volunteer with:

My words can be currently found on Creaky Joints, Healthline and the Arthritis Research Canada Newsletter.

If I am going to be the sick girl, I might as well kick ass at it.

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