Hi There! Trying to get a hold of me? Please read below before contacting me. 


Please note I do not publish other people’s articles as this is my personal blog about my journey with chronic illness.


I am not interested in being a brand ambassador so please do not email me about partnering with your brand for a profit. If you would like to send me a product to review I would be more than happy to give it an honest review but I am not interested in promoting your products for a fraction of the cost of the item. Sorry!


I ask that you ask yourself if your question to me is best asked to a healthcare provider. I do not give out medical advice. If you are going to email me about what medication I am on that is not something I feel comfortable discussing. Every case of arthritis is different, every body is different. That discussion is best between you and your rheumatologist. 


If you have questions about your disease from a patient perspective, I highly suggest checking out the many great support groups that are on Facebook. 


Please also note that I am someone living with a chronic illness so I may not be able to get back to you right away as life with chronic illness is often overwhelming and I also receive a lot of emails. If it is time sensitive please send a follow up, I occasionally need reminders.


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